PlayStation America President Shawn Layden Talks God of War and More: "It's All About the Games"

During PlayStation’s E3 live coverage, Sony Interactive Entertainment America President Shawn Layden talked about the company’s E3 conference and the games that were showcased, giving a glimpse on Sony’s philosophy for this kind of show.

Layden mentioned that Sony had a “great conference” on Monday night, and the big takeaway for him is that we saw a lot of first party titles, with Sony’s Worldwide studios front and center and delivering.

He then reminisced how the first game out of the door, from a cold start, was God of War and the orchestra. He also mentioned that it was great to have The Walking Dead‘s composer Bear McReary (who is also working on the game) conducting.

“When Kratos came out of the shadows, it was pandemonium.”

According to Layden, Days Gone by Sony Bend is going to take the open world adventure epic into a new place.

Layden also mentioned that Insomniac Games “brought down the house” with Spider-Man. After the insomniac and marvel logos were shown “insanity prevailed.” Layden feels that they’re going to “bring that Insomniac flair in game development and design” to the franchise. He’ll go to the studio soon to see how the game is coming together, and he’s really excited about that.

He then talked about Hideo Kojima’s appearance on the “bridge of light” with music from Mad Max: Fury Road performed live on the background (which Layden revealed was requested by Kojima-san himself).

Apparently Layden is a bit unsure on what Death Stranding is about himself, and he wondered who the five people suspended in the sky could be.

He continued by explaining the philosophy behind the press conference:

“I think what we came out this year to show at the press conference was: it’s all about the games. Gaming has come to the place now where that’s all we want to talk about here at E3.

The content coming out of our first party studios, the partnerships we have with our third party publishers… I think this generation of gaming more than ever before, it’s the primacy of narrative. It’s about storytelling.

We couldn’t watch that God of War demo without thinking: “I can feel that tension between father and son,” and the son wanting to reach out to his dad, but he can’t, and Kratos trying to be a father but he doesn’t know how… You could feel that coming out of that scene.

These are emotions that we have never touched before in games. I’m super excited about that. And Days Gone, and the story on how he has lost a loved one as well. It changes the protagonist’s entire view of the world and why he’s there

This is great. We have gone beyond gaming as a mechanic or… If you learn some combos you can get your way down the line. We’re getting involved with stories and narrative in a way that we have never experienced before.”

Layden then mentioned the moment in which the crowd went wild when the release date of The Last Guardian (October 25th) was showcased, and he explained that, again, it’s all about relationships.

After that, he talked about Crash Bandicoot, mentioning that the fact that they’re able to bring back Crash Bandicoot and its sequels to PS4 and a whole new audience is “great.”

You can check out the full video below.

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