Playstation Blog Not Actually Down

Despite rumors to the contrary, the Playstation Blog , manned by Sony’s Senior Director of Communications and Social Media Patrick Seybold, has not been taken down by hackers. This contradicts a story earlier published by Bloomberg media that claimed that the blog had been compromised by hackers.

Media reports claiming that the US site and blog were partially disrupted because of hackers are false,” said Sony rep Dan Race. “We installed a new security measure that has temporarily made the sites inaccessible to select regions outside of the US.”

It’s hilarious to see the media once again jump the gun on the Playstation Network situation for quick hits. Given that these are professional journalists, they really should be checking their facts before jumping to conclusions like this. But hey, it’s the internet age, anything goes. It’s perfectly okay for a journalist to pay over $60,000 to someone for photo’s of Brett Farve’s penis, right?

[Reuters ]

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