PlayStation Shows Off Six Titles at ChinaJoy; Lost Soul Aside is Noticeably Absent

Check out the indie games that PlayStation is supporting from ChinaJoy this year.

August 2, 2019

Recently in Shanghai, PlayStation held a showcase for their China Hero Project at ChinaJoy. In the showcase, PlayStation showed gameplay trailers for six different titles including F.I.S.T., Evotinction, Convallaria, Anno Mutationem, In Nightmare, and AI-LIMIT. All these titles are a part of the second wave of games added to the China Hero Project.

After watching these games in action, all of them look to have the potential of being great. The one that stood out to me was Anno Mutationem by Thinking Stars. The art style, setting, and gameplay feel inspired by Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell. It also reminded me similarities to The Last Night which was set to release last year but was delayed due for numerous reasons both good and bad.


Lost Soul Aside is arguably the most well-known game under the China Hero Project, but unfortunately did not have an appearance. The title was added at the launch of the China Hero Project in 2016. Lost Soul Aside received a new trailer last year at ChinaJoy  At GDC 2018 we spoke with creator Yang Bing last year regarding the development of the game as well as got our hands on a demo.

After the showcase, PlayStation made a statement regarding the game’s absence:

The team has grown since last year. Rather than make a demo for ChinaJoy 2019, they chose to completely focus on development for the main build. We fully respect creator Yang Bing and the team. Development takes time. Just like Hardcore Mecha, the game will be completed.

Hardcore Mecha was a title part of the China Hero Project that released on June 27 for Steam.

With how well the game is progressing, hopefully, we are approaching the announcement of a release date. For now, we will just have to wait until the team is ready to give us new information.

Cameron Hawkins

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