PlayStation Classic is Now Only $20 at Gamestop

PlayStation Classic is Now Only $20 at Gamestop

Gamestop is offering a deep discount on the PlayStation Classic, offering for $20 for the mini-console. A good time to pick one up.

If you wanted a PlayStation Classic but had been holding out for whatever reason (and really, any reason is valid), Gamestop is now selling the mini-console for $19.99 either for store pick-up or online delivery.

To sweeten the offer even further, Gamestop is attaching a special deal to the deeply discounted system: 20% off two or more pre-owned games with a purchase.

The PlayStation Classic had a bumpy launch and as a result went on sale almost immediately after said launch during the holiday season. Since then there’s been countless promotions and discounts as retailers tried to move units. Best Buy at one point was offer one for free with the purchase of a PlayStation 4 Pro, and as recently as July multiple retailers marked down the Classic to $20.

If you’re still on the fence about making the plunge and snagging yourself one, check out our editorial delving into whether the Classic’s lineup lived up to the legacy of the original system. Unfortunately it does seems that the one of the main conclusions ended up being true, at least in part:

“The PlayStation Classic sadly seems like it will go down in history as a misfire; a half-cocked attempt to follow in the footsteps of Nintendo’s miniature consoles but without truly knowing what made Sony’s original voyage into the world of gaming magical.”

We also have another very handy guide for those dissatisfied with the mere 20 game lineup of the console, made up of titles gathered from PlayStation 3, PSP, and PlayStation Vita that surpass the official offerings. Of course many people also took to actually modding their systems to improve on the UI and beef up the title collection through emulation so there’s that option.