PlayStation Classic's Hectic New Trailer Shows Tekken's King Fighting a T-Rex

The latest trailer for the upcoming PlayStation Classic is a chaotic showcase of some of the best titles the miniature system has to offer.

There are many memories attached to the original PlayStation for a lot of people. Folks may recall the first time they delved into its 3D environments and first experienced its state of the art graphics and gameplay. The latest trailer for the upcoming mini-console PlayStation Classic pretty much mashes all of those memories together for a fantastic sensory overload!

The 30-second lawless joyride down memory lane hits like a shot burst of nostalgia while showcasing a number of the titles that the tiny machine will have pre-installed when it lands on store shelves next month.

Starting off with an evolutionary process, the camera soon rests on a Tyrannosaurus Rex which older players may recall from one of the original PlayStation’s demo discs that were designed to showcase the console’s graphical capabilities. However, these memories are quickly interrupted by Tekken’s King as he wraps his legs around the dinosaur’s neck and slams it onto the ground.

From here, things only get even more chaotic as Rayman sprints away from a Metal Gear Rex. A quick cutaway leads to Battle Arena Toshinden’s Duke B. Rambert before we’re whisked away to a high-speed street race courtesy of Ridge Racer. Two cars zoom through a tunnel before one of them explodes at the hands of Twisted Metal’s mascot Sweet Tooth.

The final shot shows a neon-lit city where characters crawl up walls and unload rockets; all while a pair of giant Tekken characters battle it out in the background. You can check out the full fast-paced trailer below.

The PlayStation Classic, which was announced back in September, will come with 20 memorable titles pre-installed. The line-up includes Resident Evil Director’s Cut, Cool Boarders 2, Final Fantasy VII, Grand Theft Auto, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, and much more. The mini-console will launch on December 3, 2018 and can currently be pre-ordered from Amazon.

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Eoghan Murphy

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