PlayStation Classic is Now Available for Pre-Order on Amazon

PlayStation Classic is Now Available for Pre-Order on Amazon

You can now reserve your own PlayStation Classic Console before its launch later this December.

The PlayStation Classic was revealed by Sony early this morning and has pretty much been the talk of the gaming world since then.

Over the course of the day, pre-orders for the miniature console have been appearing across various retailers. Now, it has finally popped up on Amazon.

If you’d like to lock in your own pre-order of the nostalgic device, you can click right here to head over to the item’s page to lock in your own order. As always, keep in mind that if you do pre-order through Amazon, you can cancel your order all the way up until it ships which will likely be in late November.

Currently, we only know five games of the twenty that will come on the console — Final Fantasy VIIJumping FlashRidge Racer Type 4Tekken 3, and Wild Arms. If you’re confident that the other fifteen games that Sony will announce later on are going to be up your alley, then feel free to grab one in right now. Oh, and keep in mind that you’ll also need to have a USB AC adapter for the PlayStation Classic as there isn’t one included in the package.

The PlayStation Classic Console is slated to launch on December 3 and will set you back $99.99.

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