PlayStation Classic Price Has Now Been Marked Down to $40 at Multiple Retailers

PlayStation Classic Price Has Now Been Marked Down to $40 at Multiple Retailers

Sony's throwback mini-console continues to see its price plummet after barely two months on the market.

The price on Sony’s PlayStation Classic device just keeps on falling further and further.

As of this morning, multiple retailers have now listed the PlayStation Classic at a price point of $40. That’s a markdown of 60% from its original selling price of $100. What’s even more staggering about how quickly the price has fallen for this mini-console is that this has all transpired in a period of about two months. For those that don’t remember, the PlayStation Classic released originally on December 3, 2018.

There’s no doubt about it, the PlayStation Classic has absolutely flopped for Sony. While they tried to get in on the same market that Nintendo found with the NES and SNES Classic, the device failed to find an audience for what seems to be a litany of reasons. Most notably, it seems like the price point of $100 was just far too high to begin with and likely sunk any widespread appeal that it may have had.

Furthermore, the emulations of the classic games on the device weren’t anything to write home about and were simply the same versions that you could already purchase on the PlayStation Store for your PS3 or Vita right now. Essentially, with the PlayStation Classic, you were paying for the old school look of the console in miniature for along with the throwback controllers. Clearly, that nostalgia trip alone wasn’t worth the asking price for many.

You’d have to imagine that the PlayStation Classic absolutely flopping in this manner means that the potential of any other classic devices appearing down the road isn’t likely whatsoever. If you were holding out hope that for a PS2 Classic, it’s probably time to let go of that dream. Honestly, though, most of the best games from the PS2 onwards in the PlayStation ecosystem have either already been remastered for modern consoles are actively available to download digitally on the PS Store. I don’t think never getting any of these classic systems in the future is a huge net loss.

If you think $40 is finally the right price for you to purchase the PlayStation Classic though, you can currently purchase one over at Walmart. Additionally, the PlayStation Classic has also been marked down to $40 on Amazon, though it’s out of stock as of this writing. Other retailers might also follow suit with this price drop in the coming days, so keep an eye out.

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