PlayStation Classic Price Continues to Plummet, Now Marked Down by 40% at Many Retailers

PlayStation Classic Price Continues to Plummet, Now Marked Down by 40% at Many Retailers

The price of Sony's PlayStation Classic continues to freefall at retail, essentially proving to already be a failure at market less than a month after release.

We reported just mere days ago about the drastic price drop of Sony’s PlayStation Classic console, which only weeks after release had seen a 30% markdown and was being sold for $69.99 at most places. Well, now just a day after Christmas, the device’s value has continued to plummet even further.

As of early this morning, the PlayStation Classic has now dropped down to 40% of its retail value and is being sold for $59.99 at most major retailers including Amazon, Gamestop, and Walmart. Gamestop specifically is saying that this deal will only be ongoing “while supplies last” but with how hard it has seemed to be for retailers to offload these things, that could still be for quite awhile.

While many were unimpressed by both the lineup of games and the emulations of each title being used on the PlayStation Classic, I’m still personally shocked at how quickly this item has bottomed out. As a reminder, the PlayStation Classic only released about three weeks ago on December 3. For it to already be nearing half off of its retail value is pretty crazy.

It’s safe to say that Sony’s foray into this mini-console market has not gone well. Hopefully, you weren’t expecting a PlayStation 2 Classic to be arriving at any point soon because I’d have to imagine that Sony’s involvement in this space is likely over. I guess that remains to be seen moving forward, though.

If $59.99 is finally the right price to convince you to pick up a PlayStation Classic for yourself, you can head over to Amazon and snag one right here.

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