No, PlayStation Classic Is Not Getting Its Price Dropped to $25 (Yet)

Despite what social media says, the PlayStation Classic isn't getting a price drop to $25 at Walmart... well, not yet, at least.

We’ve assumed that the PlayStation Classic was underperforming when it comes to sales, but a viral photo spreading across Twitter and Reddit seemed little far-fetched. So before we dive into the meat of the story, let’s get this straight. No, the PlayStation Classic is not getting a price drop at Walmart to $25. At least… not yet.

Earlier today, someone started posting to the PlayStation Classic Reddit page that the flashback system was being sold at Walmart for $25, which (even for the poorly received console) is still a good deal:

Headsup, Sony Playstation Classic $25 at Walmart B&M YMMV from r/PlaystationClassic

To the credit of the original poster, they weren’t lying — they were able to purchase more than a few of these consoles at the bargain price. In fact, we even got a photo of the receipt verifying it:

His receipt

However, that’s not to say that this is a discount you can find at your local Walmart (for those hopefuls like us who instantly checked). Nor does it indicate an imminent drastic price cut in the nearby future.

First, we reached out to some nearby Walmarts in our area — all of which seemed to have the console between its current discount price of $54 and the MSRP of $100. Following that, DualShockers touched base with the Spring Lake, NC Walmart where this image originated. And that is where the theory unraveled.

Speaking to a Walmart representative, DualShockers was told that this was simply a pricing error and miscommunication from local management. When the PlayStation Classic was cut to $25, it sold out almost immediately and has since been re-priced back up to its standard retail price. So much for an early 2019 gift to ourselves.

Even as a solo-store pricing error, it’s hilarious to see the console go down to such a low price, considering tons of outlets have been lowering the price of the hardware to get rid of their inventory. The $25 tag would have been the lowest drop since the console’s release by a large margin, and it’s never entirely out of the question that it will reach that point. Though that may be a few years out.

For those that don’t know, PlayStation Classic comes with 20 retro games from the original PlayStation console pre-loaded, ready for use right out of the box. While it’s not $25, the PlayStation Classic is currently on sale on Amazon for $54, if that tickles your fancy. Otherwise, it should be easy enough to build your own (better) PlayStation Classic using a PS3, PSP, or Vita.

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