PlayStation Exclusive Attack on Titan’s New Videos Show Story Mode on PS4, First PS Vita Gameplay

PlayStation Exclusive Attack on Titan’s New Videos Show Story Mode on PS4, First PS Vita Gameplay

If you’re excited for Attack on Titan, releasing in Japan for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita on February 18th, Koei Tecmo came bearing gifts today, with a lot of live gameplay footage showing elements never seen before, broadcasted during an official livestream on Nico Nico.

If you missed it, we recorded it for you and you can see it below.

In the fierst video, we get the first extensive glimpse on the story mode on PS4, including the camp feature where characters can interact with each other after missions, upgrade their equipment and research new items. On top of that, Producer Hisashi Koinuma shown the options menus.

You can also enjoy a third run through of the mission located at the training camp. We already saw that one with Eren and Mikasa, and today we get to see Armin in action.

The second video showcases a full mission as well, but this time on PS Vita. Apparently the fans requested to see it, and Koei Tecmo decided to comply, showing the PS Vita version for the first time in direct feed footage (at least as “direct feed” as Nico Nico can get).

Speaking of PS Vita, Koinuma-san also reassured fans that PlayStation Vita TV will be supported.

As usual, we need to keep in mind that the videos were broadcasted on Nico Nico, which means that they’re plagued by low resolution, bad frame rate and high compression. To add to the quality issues, Koei Tecmo also livestreamed the whole thing in a weird squashed aspect ratio (which I corrected for the videos below, but it doesn’t help).

If you’re wondering why Japanese developers keep stubbornly broadcasting their games on Nico Nico, that really isn’t flattering on the graphics, welcome to the “I love Japanese developers, but at times I don’t understand the way they think” club. Yet, that’s what we get for today, and it’s definitely better than nothing.