PlayStation Exclusive Persona 5 Gets More Details on Protagonist, Dungeons, Persona and More in Full Interview

on February 9, 2015 4:30 PM

Last week, some teasers from the Famitsu interview with Persona 5 producer and director Hashino was revealed, giving us a glimpse at character themes and development. Today, even more juicy info was released on the upcoming JRPG through the same interview.

Here’s a rundown of all the information, as revealed by Japanese sites Hachima and Sokuho@Hokanko:

  1. The protagonist is a second-year student who transfers to his new school in spring, the start of the Japanese school year.
  2. The game starts in Shibuya but will incorporate other areas in Tokyo as well.
  3. P5’s hero has issues that must be worked out as he proceeds in the story. The scene in the trailer in which he is behind bars represents a “psychological prison” of sorts.
  4. The protagonist in this title, unlike the Persona 3/4 protagonists, may seem like the quiet type but that’s not his true personality.
  5. He will be moving into a cafe owned by acquaintances of his parents’. Him and the other protagonists all share the same issue of losing their homes.
  6. The cat Morgana, whom the protagonist runs into early in the game, can shapeshift and will play a major role in the plot.
  7. The hero’s Persona is called Arsène and may be based off the fictional great gentleman French thief Arsène Lupin. It has wings and a cape to emphasis that thieves have access to places normal people can’t reach. He was also made to look stylish and oldschool.
  8. Social Links will make a return, but will go in a new direction when they’re powered up.
  9. The dungeon featured in the trailer is not randomly generated, but some dungeons will be.
  10. Battles are still turn-based but will be modified to make them more enjoyable for the player.
  11. Party members use both melee and guns in battle; however the guns aren’t real, even though they can be used against foes.
  12. The sound effect for Persona summoning is different now: in previous titles it was a flashing or clicking sound but in P5 it’s now a snapping sound, used either for a physical or mental snapping.

There’s some pretty interesting information about the game we now know. I’m personally interested in the Social Link system and how it will differ from previous Persona titles, as well as the backstory of the protagonists.

While we wait for more info, check out our detailed analysis of the Persona 5 trailer revealed last week.

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