PlayStation Experience: Here are The Studios Most Likely to Announce Brand New PS4 Exclusives

PlayStation Experience: Here are The Studios Most Likely to Announce Brand New PS4 Exclusives

Yesterday Sony Computer Entertainment announced the first batch of studios and games which will be showcased at PlayStation Experience between December 6th and 7th, but the list leaves us with questions, as there are quite a few of those studios that don’t have a recent game to show, indicating that they might be present at the event to introduce a brand new game.



Below you can see a list of the most likely candidates. Of course remember that this is all my personal speculation based on public domain knowledge, logic, and the usual glimpses offered by career opportunity ads.

Guerrilla Games

This is probably the most obvious. Guerrilla Games has been working on its new IP for a while, and there have been leaks and rumors pointing that it’ll be an open world RPG code named Horizon. Considering how long they’ve been working on it, times are mature for a reveal.

The logo in the image above also does not specify between Guerrilla Games and Guerrilla Cambridge. The British sub-studio is also working on a PS4 game belonging to a “high profile million-selling franchise.” Every hint we’ve seen so far seems to indicate that the Killzone franchise was moved to Cambridge, but considering that the career opportunity ads about this new game are all fairly recent, it’s unlikely that the studio is ready for a full reveal, so Guerrilla Games’ RPG is a more probable candidate. We might, though, get a teaser, or some kind of information about what Guerrilla Cambridge is working on.


Sony Santa Monica

The house of God of War is another strong candidate. Technically, they’ve helped Giant Sparrow with The Unfinished Swan, which is listed, but I seriously doubt that’s what they’re going to PlayStation Experience for . They’ve been remarkably secretive about their upcoming PS4 game, but times are definitely mature for a reveal, as their last big release has been in March 2013.


What could the new game be? My money is on a new God of War. The title is directed by God of War II Game Director Cory Barlog, and while I love new IPs, Sony knows the value the franchise, and it would be frankly suicidal for them not to have a new chapter on PS4.


Sony San Diego

Sony San Diego will most probably show off MLB 15: The Show. Times are definitely mature for that. It’s an annual franchise, and the new game will probably be released around March. It’s definitely time to show us how’s coming along.

Yet, that might not be all. The studio has been working on other things lately, and specifically on what seems to be a free to play game that might involve vehicles. We know very little about it, but the first career opportunity ads appeared back in January, so it might very well be time to let us know what it’ll be all about.

MLB14 (10)

Sucker Punch

We know basically nothing about what Sucker Punch has been working on after inFAMOUS: First Light. The studio is openly and explicitly a one-game studio, so it’s unlikely that they’ve been working on other games before the release of inFAMOUS: Second Son. Since many of the assets for inFAMOUS: First Light were already done, it’s possible that they’ve been working on something else in parallel with the stand-alone expansion.

There have been signals that the studio is now working on a mysterious new game, but are times mature at least for a tease? It’s possible, but we’ll have to wait and see, and I wouldn’t count on it too much.




Theoretically Capcom could be at PlayStation experience to show Resident Evil Revelations 2, but the game has been already showcased heavily at previous events. Despite having covered his track afterwards, Yoshinori Ono let it slip that he’s working on a new PS4 game possibly set in China. He has also been spotted visiting Sony recently. Times could be mature for a reveal.

Otherwise, considering that the beta is going to start in Japan early next year, we could get an announcement about a western localization of Deep Down. There have been several signals that a westwards route for the game  is indeed possible, including the fact that most main trailers were in English. It’s not exactly a new game, but it would definitely be better than nothing.

yoshinori ono

Media Molecule will probably be present with Tearaway Unfolded, but we know that they have another PS4 project in the works, which has been kept tightly under wraps since its tech demo shown during the debut ceremony of the console. Tearaway Unfolded is definitely more than a port from PS Vita, so it’s likely to be using up some of the studio’s resources, but we might as well get a further surprise at PlayStation Experience.

There are more Sony first party studios and others that gravitate around the house of PlayStation that are known to have PS4 games in the works. The logos published by Sony are just the first batch, and there are likely to be surprises.


Quantic Dream is another possible candidate. They’ve been working on one or more PS4 games and rumors point to the possibility of a  remake of Beyond: Two Souls, but that’s likely a side project, if it even really exists. The studio has been very silent after showcasing the impressive The Dark Sorcerer tech demo at E3 2013, and PlayStation Experience in December would definitely be the right venue for a full fledged announcement.


Sony Bend is known to be at work on a PS4 game in Unreal Engine 4, and a year has passed since it has been teased at the launch ceremony of the console. Sony has been very secretive about the project, and maybe it’s holding it in reserve for a surprise announcement.


Team Gravity could also be ready to give us another glimpse on the successor/sequel of Gravity Rush, and we might even see Kazunori Yamauchi of Poliphony Digital walk on stage with impassible translator-san to introduce Gran Turismo 7. Considering Drivelcub‘s troubles Sony might look into making the successor of its historical racing franchise public as soon as possible.

SCE Japan Studio as a whole will be present with Bloodborne, but they might have something else up their creative sleeve as well.

Oh, and by the way… There’s still that The Last Guardian unfinished business…