PlayStation Extends Marketing Partnership With UEFA Champions League

PlayStation Extends Marketing Partnership With UEFA Champions League

Sony Interactive Entertainment has extended its marketing partnership with UEFA Champions League, that has been going on for twenty years.

If you follow soccer (or football, if you want to call it the European way), you have probably noticed the signage advertising PlayStation products during UEFA-organized events like the prestigious Champions League.

The partnership between Sony Interactive Entertainment and UEFA has been going on for twenty years, and today the house of PlayStation reached out with a press release to announce that the sponsorship has been renewed until season 2020/2021.

The press release included a comment by Sony Entertainment Europe Head of Global Sales and Marketing Jim Ryan, who remarked that the partnership with UEFA is “extremely important” for Sony, as Champions League is the most prestigious soccer tournament in Europe, and many gamers also share the passion for the sport. Soccer is a vital part of PlayStation’s DNA, as this partnership has been going on since the early year of the console’s lifetime.

UEFA Marketing Director Guy-Laurent Epstein also commented that Sony Interactive Entertainment is a precious partner for UEFA, to promote soccer events on a worldwide basis and in the digital world.

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