Pottery Barn Teen Wants You to Live Your Best Life with Playstation Furniture

Pottery Barn Teen Wants You to Live Your Best Life with Playstation Furniture

PlayStation decor can now dress your room and turn it into the ultimate Sony PlayStation room.

If you’re set on having that perfect gaming room, or perhaps you want to show off your adoration for Sony’s PlayStation, you can now decorate your room to look the part.

Pottery Barn Teen now has PlayStation inspired furniture in stock as brought to our attention when the official PlayStation account tweeted the below tweet.

The PlayStation furniture is 0nly available in the US and seems to cost a fair amount. You can find the images below in the gallery. The furniture includes the following:

  • Gaming Media Console Inspired by PlayStation – $1.099
  • Lounge Table Inspired by PlayStation – $399
  • Beanbag Inspired by PlayStation – $249
  • Icon Wall Light Inspired by PlayStation – $199
  • Acrylic Cubby Inspired by PlayStation – $69

All the PlayStation furniture has a dark theme to them and looks quintessentially modern. The triangle, circle, cross, and square shapes are embossed into the gaming media console, and the lounge table, surrounded by horizontal grooves. The official PlayStation logo appears on both the beanbag and the acrylic cubby’s, with the large black rectangular wall light displaying the triangle, circle, cross, and square shapes illuminated.

As some added geekery to the marketing the cubby’s feature a bunch of PlayStation 2 titles, with the Eyetoy: Operation Spy, and the Eyetoy: Antigrav being the focus. There are some other titles in there such as PrimalNFL Gameday 2004, and more if you can read through the light glaring onto the cases.

So what do you think? Would you kit your room out with some fancy pants PlayStation furniture? Does that lounge table look good enough to hold your tangled cables? Would your ass be comfy on that puffy beanbag? Personally, I think that Gaming Media Console looks fantastic.