PlayStation Drops Slightly, While Xbox One Falls Under 500 Weekly Sales For the First Time in Japan

PlayStation Drops Slightly, While Xbox One Falls Under 500 Weekly Sales For the First Time in Japan

Media Create just released the full results and analysis for last week’s hardware and software sales in Japan, showing an unsurprising overall drop since last week as the tail of the New Year shopping period ended.

Total software sales were 399 thousand copies, which were 78.28% of last week.
Although new titles were released for the first time in 3 weeks, a ratio of new software sales to total software sales was just 7.30%.

Newly released in this week, “Kenka Bancho 6: Soul & Blood” sold 24 thousand copies (initial digestibility rate: 45.07%).
While its past installments had been released in PS format, latest installment was released in the 3DS.
Nevertheless, its initial sales halved from the first week sales of its previous sequel, “Kenka Bancho 5: Otoko no Rule” released in January 2011 (initial week sales : 59 thousand copies, initial digestibility rate : 60.75%), with its initial digestibility rate decreasing.
The reason for that decrease was that, as the franchise continues for a long time, its purchasers have attained a age, which affected the decrease in sales volume (“Kenka Bancho 4: 1nen Sensou” had sold 72 thousand copies in the first week, while “Kenka Bancho 5: Otoko no Rule” had sold 59 thousand copies).
Furthermore, a lot of fans of the franchise seem to refrain from purchasing due to the change of hardware.

Total hardware sales were 93 thousand consoles, which were 78.72% of last week.
As the end and the beginning of the year selling season had finished, sales of every hardware decreased from last week. Particularly, the 3DS systems (the 3DS, the 3DS LL, the New3DS, the New3DS LL), which had been a staple for a gift demand, showed a severe downturn, with its sales sliding to 76.69% of last week.
Meanwhile, PS format slightly decreased from last week, with its demand being comparatively stable. As a result, the market share of PS format has expanded for 4 consecutive weeks.

Here is the full top 50 software chart:


Hardware sales were as follows:

  1. New3DS LL – 25,299
  2. Vita – 16,823
  3. PS4  – 15,480
  4. New3DS – 9,916
  5. Wii U – 8,894
  6. PS3 – 7,036
  7. 3DS LL – 4,776
  8. 3DS – 4,238
  9. Vita TV – 682
  10. Xbox One – 300

On top of Media Create’s own analysis, we can add that games for Nintendo platforms occupied the first eight places in the software chart, and this is the first week in which Xbox One dropped under 500 units sold since its launch in September. The launch of locally developed exclusives like Chaos;Child, and the perspective of bigger ones like Scalebound doesn’t seem to be able to put a stop to the new console’s decline in the archipelago of the Rising Sun.

It’ll be interesting to see if Microsoft will manage to find a way to revitalize sales, but for now its new console seems to be struggling even more than its predecessor in finding a way to appeal to Japanese customers.