PlayStation Holds Fast and Nintendo Drops During Strategic Golden Week in Japan Compared to Last Year

on May 9, 2014 12:31 PM

Media Create sent in its weekly analysis for the Japanese market in the past week, which was a strategic one in Japan. The Golden Week is in fact the longest vacation periods of the year in Japan for many workplaces and a crucial period for shopping.

According to the analysis software sales decreased significantly from last year (minus 68.21%) but hardware sales are quite relevant: PlayStation 4 (that still isn’t exactly breaking records) made up for the drop in sales of the PS3, and especially thanks to the impressive performance of the new PS Vita, PlayStation platforms managed to hold fast despite the depression caused by the hike of the consumption tax, which raised prices in turn. Sony’s console sold 99.72% compared to the same week last year.

On the other hand Nintendo’s platforms are suffering from a downturn in performance of the 3DS (that dropped by 51.92%), while the Wii U remained pretty much constant (and not doing too hot), causing an overall drop of 51.82% for Nintendo.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that last year we were pretty close to the massively succssful Tomodachi Collection: New Life,  and despite the slump the 3DS was still the best selling console this month, selling 39,623 units, with the PS Vita following quite far, with 24,717 units. Nintendo also manages to keep a narrow overall edge with 47,702 units moved against 45,455.

Nintendo’s platforms may be selling less than last year, but at least for what the 3DS and (especially) the 3DS LL are concerned, they still print money.

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