PlayStation Home Update 1.35

on March 10, 2010 12:51 PM

PlayStation Home Update 1.35

Since PlayStation Home was announced it has been questionable what exactly the online virtual society would turn out being used for. With a launch filled with perverted interactions and largely empty virtual space, many people thought Home would not amount to much in the long run. However, with the enhancement of free playable games in Home such as mini-games for games like Resistance 2 and Resident Evil 5 as well as larger game spaces filled with games like the EA Sports Complex, gamers have been seeing Home really grow. There is even a unique MMO called Sodium in Home now. With all of this gradual growth taking place, its not surprising that Home is still being updated, read more to find out whats in store for version 1.35 coming soon.

PlayStation Home Update 1.35Although Home update 1.35 is a minor update, PlayStation owners will appreciate the efficiency being created in the interfaces for the online virtual world, which will create more fluid ease of use. Players will now be able to assemble their own favorite locations into a quick and simple list that allows them to travel to the places they frequent most much quicker. Personal Spaces have also received an optimized access in the Home menus allowing users to view all their clubhouses and houses in one place.

PlayStation Home Update 1.35The streamlining doesn’t stop there, we are told that finding friends, exploring the nooks and crannies of Home, as well as finding what is hot right now should all be much more fluid tasks after this update. Users will even experience shorter load times, less load screens and menus to access Home content, and more robust interfaces. Be on the lookout for more minor updates as well as major additions to PlayStation Home in the future.

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