Playstation Home Update Brings Tons of New Content

Playstation Home Update Brings Tons of New Content


Players who want more from Playstation Home than just a new game will be happy to find tons of new content hitting the store Wednesday.

Heavy Water – Avalon Keep Update

This update allows players to enter their dungeons with no loading, and switch between a Mystical scene and Spooky scene, besides new items. Donating a certain amount or collecting enough crystals unlocks Community Rewards. Enough “generosity” and players cna earn a full-sized guard companion with various uniforms.

JAM Games

Jam Games’s debut to Playstation Home comes with a collection of motor and racing themed outfits for Home avatars and furniture for their Homes.

Juggernaut Games – Hoverdiscs and MiniBots

Juggernaut Games allows players to boost their Home avatar’s speed to 150% by flying on five types of hoverdics. Players can also use their hoverdiscs in the MiniBots multiplayer game, and finds tons of new weapons in Alvin’s Armory, content that has been designed by Home users.

HellFire Games

Hellfire Games brings new content in the form of SpeedWings, awesome wings that allow Home avatars to fly 150% faster than normal. HellFire also brings new content for Home Tycoon, allowing players to customize their cars with a variety of colors.


Granzella is introducing a Japanese Teahouse for Playstation Home, which comes with decorations and costumes, some which are decidedly more modern than the Tea House setting.

Game Mechanics

Game Mechanics is bringing Playstation Home users a ton of furniture options of all sorts, ranging from vendor carts to Hollywood seats to hydraulic office chairs and more.

Midway’s Ca$h Carnival Last Days

The last day of Midway’s sweepstakes is here. Having started way back in May, players still have time to visit the Hot Zone and play and Midway or Hot Zone game that puts them into a drawing. The top cash prize is $15,000. For more details, check here.

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