PlayStation Korea President Boasts Strong PS4 Sales, Teases PS4 Exclusive Games Made in Korea

PlayStation Korea President Boasts Strong PS4 Sales, Teases PS4 Exclusive Games Made in Korea

G-star, one of the most important South Korean gaming events, has just concluded, and PlayStation Korea President Shiro Kawauchi talked at length about the local situation of the PS4 in an interview on the Japanese site Game Watch.

According to Kawauchi-san the sales in Korea are good, and faster than those of older platforms. The actual numbers are very high, despite the fact that it’s just the first year, and even compared with the rest of Asia.

South Korea is among the best markets in the Asia region for PS4, on par with Taiwan. Even if Korea has roughly twice the population as Taiwan, the console market is very similar in size to that of the neighboring island. Sales compared with other south East Asian countries are very strong.

Attach rate is also good in Korea, better than in other Asian countries, even because the price of games has lowered. For now it’s about two games per console, since it has been released recently. PS Vita has about six games per consoles, and 10 if you include third parties. PS3 is the same. Sales of games have increased lately, and especially digital downloads, which are very popular in Korea.

Kawauchi-san also mentioned that The Last of Us Remaster sold extremely well, and still sells well every month. While in Japan the transition to the new generation seems slow, with cross-gen games that often sell better on PS3, South Korea and Asia in general are different, with cross-gen titles selling more than twice as much on PS4 as on PS3.

Asked if the PS4 is going to change the fact that there haven’t been many PlayStation titles made in Korea so far, Kawauchi-san explained that the situation is definitely going to improve, and there won’t be just PC ports, but also titles developed exclusively for the console, even if he can’t yet talk about them.

To the question on whether there’s interest in developing for the PS4 among leading Korean developers like NHN, Nexon and NCSoft, he answered that he thinks that there is.

Considering how rich the South Korean game development scenario is, that’s definitely promising.