*EXTENDED* PlayStation Move Contest: Show Us Your Moves!

*EXTENDED* PlayStation Move Contest: Show Us Your Moves!


Everybody gather around. DualShockers is proud to present to you the ultimate PlayStation Move Contest. Show Us Your Moves! In this contest you will be able to win your very own Move, and perhaps even a PS3 Slim with 320GB of storage to go with it! Entry is simple and may be completed post-haste by clicking this link now!


  • Grand Prize: 320GB PlayStation 3 Move Bundle (includes 320GB PS3 Slim, DualShock 3, PS Eye, PS Move, and Sports Champions; valued at $399.99)
  • Runner Up Prize: Sports Champions Bundle (includes Sports Champions, PS Eye, and PS Move; valued at $99.99)
  • Consolation Prize: $50 PlayStation Network Card (for buying DLC, full games, avatars, and more in the PSN Store)

The rules to win yourself one of our great PlayStation prizes are actually really simple. Anyone with a home video camera, cell phone w/ video camera, or friend with either of the two should enter this contest. Show us your moves by recording a video (5 minutes max) of yourself acting a fool and giving your funniest rendition of what you would be like playing the PlayStation Move when you win it. We want to see hilarious, and we want to see extreme. This is all about showing how passionate you are about playing the Move peripheral, if you are a shooter show us your best shooter moves, if you are a role playing fan let us see your best swordplay action. Remember to make it funny, but within reason. You may either use your hands as if they had a Move controller in them or hold a real world item such as a flashlight for inspiration. Once you’ve got your video recording complete the following steps to enter the contest. Contest open to U.S. Residents.

  1. Upload your video to YouTube.com (this is free and painless).
  2. Visit our forums at www.DualShockers.com/forum (sign up if you have not already) and reply to the contest thread (CLICK HERE).
  3. Submit your link into the forum thread along with your e-mail address (valid and used by you) so that we can contact you for your mailing address if you win. (An e-mail need not be typed in on the actual post, just be sure to sign up to the forum with a valid one).
  4. If you win you will be required to take a photograph of yourself with the prize to be shared with the community!

**One entry per person**

NOTE: Contest rules and dates subject to change at our discretion.

Good luck to all who enter and remember, the criteria for being chosen involves being creative and funny. Think outside of the box and give us your best shot at winning one of these great prizes!

**Winners will be announced November 18, Deadline to enter November 15 @ midnight EST!**

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