PlayStation Move Invades QVC on Sunday

on September 11, 2010 3:30 PM

PlayStation Move Invades QVC on Sunday

Most gamers could care less what QVC has as Today’s Special Value. But when that said item is the PlayStation Move, then there is reason to pay attention. Coming this Sunday, the PlayStation Move takes center stage on one of the largest retailers in the world. Sony and QVC have teamed up to bring fans and gamers a special Launch Bundle exclusive to QVC with a price tag of $599.99 and includes:

PS3 Sports Champions Move Bundle — everything a consumer needs to get started with PS3 and PlayStation Move (320GB PS3 system, PlayStation Move motion controller, PlayStation Eye Camera, Sports Champions game, PlayStation Move game demo disc

PlayStation Move Power Pack— featuring accessories to enhance the game-play experience for Sports Champions (1 Archery Bow, 1 Sword, 1 Shield, 2 Table Tennis Paddles, a Bocce/Volleyball/Disc-Golf accessory, 2 Silicon Skins for the motion controller, and 2 Wrist Straps)

PS3 Starter Gaming Bundle— including accessories for the PS3 system (Blu-ray Remote, PS3 system Slim Stand, HDMI Cable, 2 Silicon Skins for the DUALSHOCK 3 controller, and a System Bag)

Bonus Software Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction game and Surf’s Up Blu-ray movie

Expected to go fast, be sure to tune in to QVC on Sunday and check out for more info on the PlayStation Move Launch Bundle.

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