PlayStation Network is Set To Go Under Maintenace

PlayStation Network is Set To Go Under Maintenace

According to the PlayStation Community Forums, there will be a scheduled maintenance September 25th from 10:15am until 4:15pm (Pacific Time). The maintenance to the PlayStation Network should take roughly 6 hours to complete.

Temptest_Fire, a senior PSN community manager is reporting that:

If you’ve signed onto PSN over the past few days, you’ll still be able to play online and access apps during this period, but you may receive a maintenance notification when attempting to access the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, and Account Management as these services will be unavailable. Be sure to sign in now if you wish to access the Network during this maintenance window.

So, in case of all you PlayStation gamers out in the world were wondering what the scoop was and may have not read/heard about it anywhere on the interwebs, consider yourself forewarned.

It is unclear as to what this scheduled maintenance will do, but give us your thoughts in the comments section.