PlayStation Now Adding 6 New Titles for September - Is This Enough to Attract Subscribers?

Sony has revealed its latest PlayStation Now offerings for September. But are these titles enough to help the service secure more customers?

By Sam Smith

September 6, 2021

Sony has revealed its latest PlayStation Now offerings for September. But are these titles enough to help the service secure more customers?

PlayStation Now sounds great on paper. It’s a service that allows PS4 and PS5 owners to stream hundreds of classic PlayStation games from years past. While the PS5 is mostly fully backwards compatible with the PS4, it isn’t compatible with PS3 and PS2 games.

Where backwards compatibility is concerned, the Xbox Series X often has the edge. Microsoft’s most recent offering has inherited the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility program, meaning it can natively play many Xbox 360 and original Xbox games without the need for an additional fee.

DEATHLOOP | Official PS5™ Next-Gen Immersion Trailer

DEATHLOOP | Official PS5™ Next-Gen Immersion Trailer

The PlayStation Now service allows the PS5 and PS4 consoles to play these games by streaming them. However, this comes at a price; £8.99 monthly in the UK and $9.99 in the US. The service is also at the mercy of that household’s internet speeds. Not all homes have broadband that is fast enough to stream a game in HD without a stutter.

This places PlayStation Now at a disadvantage. It also may explain why the service is yet to have its time in the sun, despite launching in 2014. To put it into perspective, PS Plus boasts over 109 million active users. Where PS Now only has 3.2 million, according to Sony’s own figures.

What’s Coming to PlayStation Now in September 2021?

On September 7, 2021, Final Fantasy 7, Ghost of a Tale, Killing Floor 2, Moonlighter, Pathfinder: Kingmaker and Tekken 7 will arrive on the streaming service. Although, like many games, they won’t be available on the service forever. Games are periodically removed from PlayStation Now, rather than it becoming a growing catalogue of content.

This too could be putting players off paying extra for the service. Games appearing on PlayStation Now for a limited time is designed to encourage players to get involved, creating a sense of urgency. Although it could be having the opposite effect if the above figures are to be understood.

Since the launch of the PlayStation 5 last year, PS Plus has consistently delivered value in the eyes of gamers, with a few wobbles in recent months. The PS Library of PS4 classics available to PS5 owners with active PS Plus subscriptions is also impressive. Yet despite growth in 2020 and 2021, PS Now fails to match its sister service by a shortfall of nearly 106 million.

The question of; is each month’s new PS Now offerings enough to attract new subscribers is perhaps answered by these numbers. However, would a better question be, should Sony include PS Now as part of the PS Plus subscription service and simply increase the price? While this would likely alienate some subscribers, it may show those of us who are not paying for PS Now what we’re missing.

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