PlayStation Now Beta: Starting a Game Can Take Almost Two Minutes

PlayStation Now Beta: Starting a Game Can Take Almost Two Minutes

With the PlayStation Now beta currently out in the wild, we’re finally getting the first data on its performance, and more specifically on how long it takes to start a game.

Looking at the video we reported about here we managed to get a glimpse on the beta loading times. Very similar results were found in another two videos that were unfortunately taken down by Sony’s watchful eye.

Here’s a breakdown of the loading time, starting from the button press that launches the game from the PSN-like UI:

  • Authorizing: 8 Seconds
  • Testing Connection: 15 seconds
  • Loading Game: 21 seconds
  • Further Loading on Black Screen: 32 seconds
  • Warning Splash Screen: 4 seconds
  • Setting up Trophy Data: 12 seconds
  • Sony Splash Screen and Loading Animation: 25 seconds

Total loading time:  117 seconds.

Of course the numbers above are prone to be partially influenced by connection speed and by the game being played (in this case it was Killzone 3), but it’s quite unlikely that they’ll get much shorter, at least for what the beta is concerned. It’s very possible that Sony will manage to speed the process up before release and down the line.

Personally, I’ve never been the impatient kind of gamer that gets annoyed by a slightly prolonged initial load time, especially if it happens only at the beginning of a session. What about you? Is two minutes too long, or you’re fine with waiting that much?