PlayStation Now has Doubled its User Base Over the Last Year

Sony's PlayStation Now streaming service has seen new success as of recent, doubling its subscription count since Spring last year.

The Sony games streaming service PlayStation Now has seen its subscription count double since Spring 2019.

PlayStation Now has now been available to North American customers for 6 years. Over recent years the platform has continued its slow growth while occasionally adding new features and games. Notably in September of 2018 subscribers were given the option to download games for offline play, improving subscriber playtime.

Before that September 2018 update, PlayStation Now had fewer than one million subscribers. Throughout its time on the market, the service has amassed many complaints from subscribers concerning latency issues and poor controller input. Regardless, the subscription base has grown from slightly over a million, to around 2.2 million over the past year. This puts Now still far behind its Microsoft competitor Xbox Game Pass, which recently surpassed 10 million subscribers.

However, Sony has been updating PlayStation Now’s catalog every month. This month Rainbow Six Siege, The Evil Within 2, and Get Even join the library. Meanwhile, April’s additions were highlighted by Marvel’s Spider-Man, and also included Just Cause 4 and The Golf Club.

Personally, I’d love to see Sony increase their focus on PlayStation Now, or completely redo how the subscription works when PlayStation 5 releases. After all, PlayStation Now is a completely different service than PS Plus; the Sony subscription service required to play games online. It would be extremely nice to see them somehow combined or changed next console generation. Especially considering that playing online should really be free and not locked behind a paywall.

Lastly, I think it’s extremely notable that PlayStation Now is currently the only way to experience many Sony exclusive games on PC. I know that if I didn’t have a PS4, I’d definitely consider subscribing to PlayStation Now for a month or two in order to check out recent master-class exclusives like Marvel’s Spider-Man and 2018’s God of War.

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