PlayStation Now Will Get PS1 and PS2 Games, No Discounts Planned for PlayStation Plus Members and More

PlayStation Now Will Get PS1 and PS2 Games, No Discounts Planned for PlayStation Plus Members and More

With the announcement of the Subscription service PlayStation Now became more attractive, even if there are still discussion on whether the price is appropriate. In the comments of the official PlayStation Blog post Director of Marketing Peter Jamshidi provided more information on what we can expect in the longer term:

First of all, PS1 and PS2 games are coming, even if we’ll have to wait:

Yes! There are some amazing games for PS1 and PS2 and our longer term vision is to go back further into the PlayStation generational library and offer those with PlayStation Now.

Right now however, we are focused on bringing to users experiences from the amazing PS3 library.

If you’re a PlayStation Plus user, for the moment there are no discounts on the menu on the subscription prices:

No plans at this time, but we are always listening to feedback. Thanks for the suggestion.

If the over 100 games available at the beginning to the rental service aren’t enough for you, don’t worry, as new ones will be added monthly:

Yes, new games will be added to the subscription service on a monthly basis – we are big believers in keeping the game catalog fresh and interesting for our subscribers and this will evolve over time.

If you already bought a game on the PS3 store, it won’t be available for you to play via PS Now, unfortunately:

PS Now overall is a separate and complimentary offering from purchased downloadable games from PS Store, and requires a separate purchase for either the rental or subscription.

Saves games will be stored in the PlayStation Now cloud and will remain available even if your subscription lapses:

Yes, saves will be saved in the PS Now cloud servers! If your membership runs out and you decide to come back later, your saves will be waiting.

Finally, the rental catalog for PlayStation Now will evolve over time as well, while the subscription service will keep featuring a selection from it:

Yes, subscription service will carry a selection of games (over 100) seen in the larger PS Now rental catalog. Both of these catalogs will evolve over time with fresh content coming in on a regular basis.