Newly Approved Patent Suggests PlayStation Users Could Be Detected by How They Hold Their Controller

Newly Approved Patent Suggests PlayStation Users Could Be Detected by How They Hold Their Controller

Touch and go.

PlayStation’s next-generation console has a big focus on introducing a bunch of new features to its audience. There’s the fancy webcam that can knock out your background, there’s the 3D audio headset, and then there is the DualSense controller with features that have seen PlayStation focusing on immersion. But according to a recently approved patent, new technology could see PlayStation Accounts being recognized through how a user holds the controller.

As reported by Segment Next, (via VGC), the newly approved patent sees Sony Interactive Entertainment indicating a system that seems to use sensors to calculate the systems such as the gyroscope, accelerometer, and the magnetometer to understand the player’s grip on the controller and identify the associated PlayStation account.  The patent reads, “The gyroscope sensor detects an angular velocity of the controller; the accelerometer sensor detects an acceleration of the controller; and the magnetometer detects magnetic flux density which changes in response to motion of the controller.”

The patent suggests that players will be able to sign into their accounts by simply holding the controller, removing the need to manually sign in. Additionally, the data transmitted by the controller can indicate if a second player is using the controller based on the way they hold the controller. This will also ensure that the correct user is receiving their scores and Trophies when two or more players are sharing a controller.

While the patent has been approved this month, it was originally filed back in February 2020. It also seems to reference the controller figure (100) and Move Controller for PSVR (200) which could indicate that the technology may work for DualShock 4, DualSense, and PSVR through the use of telemetry data from the device sensors. It could also point towards the technology eventually being present on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles.

The idea of being able to simply sign in just by holding your controller seems like a nice personalized touch. Of course, I doubt the capability to sign-in manually will be removed entirely, you know, just in case you decide to hold your controller differently one day.

What are your thoughts on this approved patent? Does the technology sound like something that’ll make your access to games a quicker experience or do you have concerns?