PlayStation Plus Could Get Free Online Play, Exclusive Game Benefits: Report

April 20, 2022

PlayStation Plus could get free online play and exclusive benefits according to the latest report shared by an industry insider.

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After the massive success of the Xbox Game Pass, a reply from Sony was well expected and Sony announced it a few weeks ago with its revamped PlayStation Plus. With more features and tiers, it offered a plethora of options for subscribers. Now, it seems like Sony has some more plans for its PlayStation Plus in the coming days.

PlayStation Plus Could Get Free Online Play, Exclusive Game Benefits: Report

According to a new leak posted by credible leaker Oops Leaks, Sony could be looking forward to making some significant changes to PlayStation Plus. The leaker states that Sony is considering announcing games outside of big events, to ensure that the media attention is distributed among its titles. This would make a lot of sense, considering the fact that if multiple titles are announced together, some of them might get less attention than the other, especially if they are coupled with some insanely popular franchises such as God of War or Spider-Man.


What’s notable is the fact that the leaker states that Sony might make online play free altogether if the new PlayStation Plus is a success. This would be quite a significant change for Sony, considering the fact that even Xbox is still charging for online play with Xbox Live Gold. The only exception is free-to-play games, which can be played online without a subscription on both the Xbox and PlayStation.

Lastly, it is also stated that PlayStation Plus subscribers might get exclusive benefits in first-party live service games. What these benefits are isn’t mentioned but it could be anything from in-game points to skins and weapons. While this might be surprising news for many, it does make a lot of sense from Sony’s standpoint considering the fact that it would like to market its new PlayStation Plus in whatever way it can.

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