PlayStation Plus Will Not Be Required for PlayStation 4 Multiplayer This Week

PlayStation Plus Will Not Be Required for PlayStation 4 Multiplayer This Week

Sony announces a promotional event that will allow PlayStation 4 owners to use multiplayer free of PlayStation Plus subscriptions this week.

If you don’t already own a PlayStation Plus subscription, then there are likely a few recent releases that you’ve been interested in trying in the multiplayer space. Well, Sony has decided to give you that opportunity by making multiplayer on PlayStation 4 devices absolutely free for a limited time.

Beginning on November 15, you’ll be able to simply turn on your PlayStation 4, boot up the multiplayer game you’ve been dying to try, and hop into the online space along with everyone else without the need for PlayStation Plus. There aren’t any special codes or offers you’ll need to enter. You’ll simply get access to your favorite games’ multiplayer modes. This promotional event will last until November 20, so even if you’re busy all week long, there will be time for you to take advantage of this offer over the weekend.

It’s important to note that multiplayer will be the only aspect of PlayStation Plus that will be free during this period. Don’t go thinking you can have access to this month’s free PS Plus games or anything crazy like that! This is just an opportunity to have a taste of the service’s best feature.

Of course, if this promotion encourages you to purchase a PlayStation Plus subscription, you might like to know what those free games for November actually are. You should be able to find Bound and Worms Battlegrounds top out the list with a few PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 games also available.

Speaking of free PlayStation Plus, Sony recently extended free subscription time to players who were affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.