PlayStation Plus Premium Leak Reveals Popular PlayStation 1 & PSP Classics

April 28, 2022

PlayStation Plus Premium is all set to offer some classic games from previous generations, a some of the games have already started getting leaked.

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From classics to cloud streaming, the new PS Plus has a lot to offer. However, fans are more curious about the classic games than anything else, and we have started getting some more information about them.

According to Reddit user u/the_andshrew, some of these titles have already started showing up on the PlayStation Network. The first two games that were leaked were Tekken 2 and Ridge Racers 2, and while fans were quite excited to hear about both the game, it is the latter that has managed to grab more attention. Tekken 2 was an equally popular game too, but not many would have expected that Ridge Racers 2 would have made its way to the PlayStation Classic library.


Ridge Racers 2 was released back in 2006, and it was quite popular back in the day, despite the overall reception being pretty average. Well, one of the reasons for the popularity was the large number of memes that came out of the Sony conference at E3 2006. During the conference, the spokesperson was talking about Genji: Days of the Blade and talking about how it is based on the history of Japan, before a crab appears on screen making the entire scene pretty hilarious. The fact that so much emphasis was laid on the game is based on famous battles of Japan and at that very moment a giant crab appears is what led to the birth of all the memes. There was a remix uploaded by YouTuber Macaw45, which instantly became a hit.

All the memes aside, fans would be eager to know what other games will be making their way into the PlayStation Plus Premium tier. With three highly popular games already being leaked, it will be interesting to see what else Sony has in store.

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