PlayStation Preview Program Doubling Maximum Party Size to 16

PlayStation Preview Program Doubling Maximum Party Size to 16

PS4 system software beta testers and their friends can get an early taste of the mayhem that is 16 people talking over each other.

PlayStation has a new update in the works for PS4 party features. Starting today, PS4 owners can sign up for a chance to test them.

The biggest feature those lucky few who are selected can expect is an increase in the maximum party size from eight to 16. Quick addendum though–you can’t invite people who aren’t a part of the PlayStation Preview Program to your huge new party, nor can you join the parties of preview program members if you aren’t one yourself (regardless of how many people are in that party). If you do make it in, parties that you’re able to join will have an asterisk in front of their name.

Share play also won’t be possible with anyone who didn’t make the cut. However, there’s a code that allows non-beta testers to join in on the fun. This code comes with your acceptance into the beta test and can be used by up to 20 people. This means that if none of your friends make it into the program, they can still join your party if you opt to share your code with them.

In addition to larger party size, PlayStation listed improved audio quality for voice chat, improved network connectivity, and chat transcription as features of the update.


Chat transcription will convert party voice chat into text on a paired second screen. Alternatively, text entered onto that second screen will be read aloud for party members. Chat transcription will, unfortunately, be limited to US beta testers.

Signing up for the test is as simple as providing your PSN ID and answering whether or not you’re interested in future preview tests and receiving general PlayStation news. Acceptants into the PlayStation Preview Program can expect an email with a voucher code as well as a formal invitation email from Sony.