PlayStation Productions animation could hold a Last of Us remake clue

February 17, 2022

Could the recent PlayStation Productions animation give a hint at The Last of Us remake?

The folks at Naughty Dog are notoriously known to be a cryptic bunch and never really offering up too much to let the cat out of the bag. Recently, a tweet from the studio Co-president Neil Druckmann teased a tidbit regarding recruitment with three emojis that included a shushing face, zip mouth face and a hand over mouth face.

Now, what this actually indicates is anyone’s guess but rumours have been going around for some time that the studio could be remaking the original Last of Us. Also, reporter Jason Schreier originally leaked the news of a remake so it seems highly likely that this is on the cards.


A recent PlayStation Productions animation has possibly given these rumours even more legs to stand on.

In a tweet via the official PlayStation Twitter account, an animation has been shown off that includes some of the company’s biggest gaming giants like Kratos, Nathan Drake, Jin Sakai and Aloy. Included in those powerful characters, Ellie and Joel can be seen and even though this might not be all that surprising, how they come across may offer a clue that a remake could be on the way.

Dressed in the same attire and of the same age as they are in the original Last of Us, this could be seen as a strong hint that we will get to play the iconic duo again. There are many fans who would love nothing more than to play a remake of the original Last of Us again but then there are those who just want Naughty Dog to come out with a new IP this time.

As much as I’m a huge fan of the franchise, I would love to see where Naughty Dog could go with a brand new game as their creativity and unprecedented narrative knowledge knows no bounds. Either that or I’d love to see more of Chloe and Nadine from Lost Legacy but you can’t have everything!

If you were hoping to get stuck into HBO’s The Last of Us this year, it seems that we will have to wait until 2023. HBO chief content officer Casey Bloys told The Hollywood Reporter that “they’re still shooting in Calgary” and ” I imagine you will see it in ’23.”


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