PlayStation Rewards Gets Pushed Back...Beta Testers Get T-Shirt!

By Kyle Durant

March 29, 2011

To those who bought a PlayStation Plus subscription from the PS Store, on the first week of its release, were invited to participate in the PlayStation Rewards beta. This Rewards program offered users to gain points, win trips to game conventions, and earn exclusive items. PS Rewards beta testers would complete “quests” on a variety of things such as “download Pulse in HD from the PlayStation Store”, earn specific trophies, and view/click PlayStation emails. These quests would then cumulate into points that would net a user many exclusive privileges based on levels. (My favorite was a “rare” Ratchet and Clank avatar). This Rewards beta was expected to go live to the entire PS3 community in April, but that has changed (purposefully for April Fools?).

Sony recently sent out an email to all PlayStation Rewards beta testers thanking them for their feedback and participation that would soon end on March 31st. The email also notified users that PS Rewards will not “roll out to the public” as expected because the “program isn’t ready”. They didn’t go into detail on why PS Rewards was not ready to go live for all PS3 owners but offered up free limited edition t-shirts to all beta testers who achieved Select, Pro, and Legendary status. Although it is disappointing such a unique feature got delayed for public use, FREE SHIRTS!

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