Five Predictions For September 2021's PlayStation Showcase PS5 Event


By Sam Woods

September 8, 2021

Is there anything better as a fan of video games than watching a showcase from your favourite developer or publisher?

Nintendo has generally been the gold standard when it comes to these events, however, both Sony and Microsoft are really starting to find their own when it comes to them.

The latest of these events is set to take place in just a few days, with Sony stepping up to the plate to show off “what’s next for PlayStation 5.”

So, ahead of this event and as we like to do, here are five predictions for the September 2021 PlayStation Showcase event.

Horizon Forbidden West | Pre-order Announcement

Horizon Forbidden West | Pre-order Announcement

New Twisted Metal Game Revealed

Rumours of a new Twisted Metal game have been swirling around for a few weeks now, including some from our own Tom Henderson.

Fans of the cult classic franchise have been calling for a new entry and with the rumour mill churning ahead of this week’s PlayStation event, this seems to be a very likely reveal and one of the safest predictions for the showcase.

Hogwarts Legacy Apparates into the Showcase

Hogwarts Legacy was revealed at a PlayStation event in September 2020, exactly a year ago, however, apart from a delay at the start of this year, has been silent.

If the game really is set to release next year, it’s time fans got to see how it’s shaping up.

God of War Dated For Summer 2022

After its grand reveal last year, it’s safe to say that God of War fans have been thirsty for more information on “Ragnarok”. Unfortunately, apart from a delay, that information has been extremely sparse.

With almost all of the information now available for Sony’s next first-party behemoth, Horizon Forbidden West, it makes sense for the attention to move onto God of War.

With Sony having a major title release in June for the last two years and a history of big summer blockbusters, it seems like this is a fitting window for the third of our PlayStation Showcase Predictions.

The Last of Us Gets A Healthy Portion of the Showcase

There’s lots still up in the air with Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us franchise.

We’ve yet to hear anything about Part II’s multiplayer mode, which had some tenuous rumours that suggested it had a battle royale component, and then there’s the reported remake of the original game.

If Sony really wants to go all out with this presentation, throwing these in there is a surefire way to get people talking.

Sly Cooper

Sucker Punch is on an absolute roll following the success of Ghost of Tsushima and its subsequent content releases.

If ever there was a way to capitalise on people’s goodwill, it would be to confirm the reemergence of Sly Cooper. Whether that’s in the form of a remake, remaster or reboot, I’m not sure – but fans would go wild for any of them.

Tweet me @CaptainWoodsy to let me know what you think of my PlayStation Showcase Predictions for this month’s event.

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