PlayStation Showcase Reveals an Intense Trailer for Project EVE

By Frankie Clarke

September 9, 2021

PlayStation and Shift Up drop an insane 4-minute teaser for Project Eve leaving us all excited and ready to hit pre-order.

Both PlayStation and Korean studio ‘Shift Up’ left our jaws on the floor with an action-packed trailer they just dropped on Project EVE, giving more of an insight into the remarkable next-gen graphics on the stunning semi-open world RPG originally announced in 2019.

The visuals shown to us of Project EVE‘s new stunning trailer definitely lived up to its hype and to the keen eye took the creators inspiration from games such as NieR Automata and blew it out of the water.

From first glance a few seconds into the trailers itself, I thought it was Bayonetta, to then switching my mind to a surprise new NieR or Final Fantasy release.

FINAL FANTASY IV | Pixel Remaster Launch Trailer

FINAL FANTASY IV | Pixel Remaster Launch Trailer

“Ever since that day, all the cities on the face of the Earth became desolate like this place.”

From the trailer, we get a much better look at the genre crossovers hinted at before, giving us everything from overgrown post-apocalyptic cities to space monster sci-fi!

We didn’t just get a look at the beautiful setting and scenery of Project EVE but also at the gameplay, whilst we knew that as Eve we would fight in the style of a good ol’ hack and slash with some bonus killer finisher moves, this trailer gave us a nice look at the UI shown on screen for bigger encounters.

Not only that but it also seems from one shot of Eve defeating, what I’d assume would be some sort of a boss, whilst using the own foe’s hammer against the creature to finish it off. The trailer also showcases some sort of interactive objects such as explosive barrels to escape on a slew of creatures. Not to mention wall riding, climbing, swinging and tactical sliding showing us a whole range of Eve’s combat and movement.

In the final few seconds of the Project EVE trailer Eve comes face to face with a beautiful yet menacing “Alpha NA:tive” leaving us on a perfect cliffhanger for either the next trailer or for us to come face to face with said foe ourselves.

Although the trailer was enough for me to be ready to hit that pre-order button seconds after seeing it, we’re unfortunately still clueless as to when this fascinating game will be within our grasp.

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