Elden Ring, God of War and Other Predictions for The First PlayStation State of Play in 2021

Ragnarok is Coming... In 2022 according to my predictions.

Sony has confirmed that we are in for our first PlayStation State of Play for 2021 tomorrow, February 25. They have confirmed there will be no fewer than 10 PS4 and PS5 games on the docket of the showcase. Here are my best predictions of what we will (and won’t) see during the presentation.

Twisted Metal Returns

After the announcement of a brand new Twisted Metal TV Series yesterday, Sony has just been presented with a great opportunity to revive the games. The franchise has been absent since 2001, with the last release being the PS2’s Twisted Metal: Black.

Clearly Sony still has a soft spot for the series, so let’s have a brand new game!

We get a Kena: Bridge of Spirits Release Date

This one isn’t so wild. Kena: Bridge of Spirits was shown during the PS5 release event and caught A LOT of people’s eyes. The game looked charming, unique and a ton of fun and anticipation levels have been high.

Back in January, Sony confirmed the game was due for release at some point in March. We’re now less than a week away from the month and we still have no release date for the game. We either get one here, or it’s sadly been delayed again.

Lady Dimitrescu returns in more Resident Evil Village footage

There was a couple of weeks on the internet when you could not scroll for more than a few seconds without seeing people thirsting over the “Tall Vampire Lady“. The world over was enamoured with her 9ft something frame and the conversation ran wild.

What better marketing tool does Capcom have than this freakishly tall vampire? You show her off to the world, the world talks about your game. It’s a simple equation that could keep the Resident Evil Village hype train rolling.

The fact that the game was revealed during the PS5 reveal event can’t hurt this theory either.

We get our first God of War: Ragnorok Footage…

The reveal of God of War: Ragnarok sent the PlayStation world into a frenzy last year. Although it was only an incredibly brief tease, it excited fans to know that one of Sony’s highest-rated games in history is getting a sequel.

The tease announced the game would release in 2021, which suggests that it’s a fair way into development. Therefore, Cory Barlog and team must have some elements of the game to show. That said, I don’t think we’re treated to anything groundbreaking. I think it’ll be more than a CG trailer but not quite a full-on gameplay reveal.

… Sadly though, the team needs longer to work on it and it’s delayed to 2022

I don’t think this would really surprise anybody. When it was announced, a lot of people felt the 2021 release date was a touch optimistic and with the impact of Covid still being felt around the industry, God of War’s sequel could quite conceivably get pushed into early 2022.

The original reboot released in April and I could see the sequel getting an April 2022 release.

Elden Ring is……….. Still Absent

Elden Ring is an enigma. It’s a game that comes up time and time again, yet is nowhere to be seen. The game recently, mysteriously had a PEGI rating appear for it, but outside of that, we’ve heard nothing. Despite some rumblings that info may be coming soon, I boldly predict that we get nothing.

There you have it, our PlayStation State of Play 2021 predictions. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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