PlayStation To Miss Tokyo Games Show 2022, Xbox Set For Another Showcase

The wait for God of War Ragnarok continues.

July 6, 2022

PlayStation fans would be quite disappointed to know that Sony is all set to miss the Tokyo Games Show 2022, even though Xbox is making an appearance.

Earlier today, the Tokyo Games Show exhibitor list was released, and it included some notable names including Bandai Namco, Square Enix, Capcom, Konami, Atlus, and more importantly Microsoft. Many weren’t expecting Microsoft to be present at the Tokyo Games Show and instead, Sony was more probable to be there at the event. However, it seems as if the polar opposite of what people expected has taken place.

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PlayStation Fans Await Next State Of Play

The wait for the next State of Play is getting more intense with each passing day. The hype around the next State of Play is unusually high because it is expected that Sony’s next event will be showcasing God of War: Ragnarok along with the release date of the title. Leaks had suggested that we could be getting a showcase this week itself, but with no signs of the announcement, that hope looks quite bleak at the moment.


While the absence of Sony might be disappointing news for many, it should be noted that PlayStation will still be there at the event to showcase its indie titles. Fans have been speculating that we could get an indie-focused State of Play, but Sony is yet to confirm any of that.

The other game fans are eagerly waiting to see in the State of Play is Final Fantasy 16, but we might still see that at the Tokyo Games Show 2022. Square Enix is a part of the event, so the developers might still showcase Final Fantasy 16. The game was confirmed to be released in Summer 2023 in the last State of Play, so it is still a while away. Irrespective of whether Sony makes an appearance or not, there is still a pretty exciting lineup of developers to look forward to in the event.

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