PlayStation Store Games of a Generation Sale Discounts Some of the PS4’s All-Time Greats

PlayStation Store Games of a Generation Sale Discounts Some of the PS4’s All-Time Greats

With the PS5 on the horizon to release, now might be the best time to stock on PS4 hits with the latest sale on the PlayStation Store.

With the PS5 set to arrive in just over a month, PS4 owners will likely be trying to get in a few more gaming experiences before the arrival of next-gen. If there are any PS4 titles that you’ve missed out on or been meaning to catch-up with, Sony’s latest sale on the PlayStation Store is likely to have a few games worth picking up from across the past generation.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Sony has detailed its latest sale that is aimed at offering discounts on some of the best titles that have released on the PS4 over the course of the generation. Specifically, Ghost of Tsushima–which released this past summer from Sucker Punch Productions–is one of the headline games of the sale for , alongside a ton of other old favorites and classics.

In terms of highlights from the sale, Ghost of Tsushima is currently discounted to $44.99, while those looking for a similar action-adventure experience can also pick up Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for $29.99. If multiplayer games are more of your thing, Overwatch: Legendary Edition is down to just under $20, alongside other hits from the last generation like Red Dead Redemption 2 ($27.99) and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ($11.99). Given that the PS5 will also support PS4 titles through backwards compatibility, this is likely a good time to stock up on digital games that will (likely) crossover into next-gen with the system’s launch in November.

The PlayStation Store’s Games of a Generation Sale is currently happening now through October 14, 2020. For a closer look at the full list of games on sale, you can check out the North American and European store pages.