PlayStation Store Roars Back to Life

on June 2, 2011 5:30 PM

Today marks the day that Sony finally, after nearly six weeks, has fully restored the PlayStation Network to its pre-hack glory. They flipped the switch that turned the PlayStation Store on and green-lit the entire network for both the PS3 and PSP. Naturally, things were a little hairy early on with the rush of players aching to get on and pick up some games, DLC or just redeem codes for games they’ve purchased in the last several weeks, such as L.A. Noire.

The “Welcome Back” package isn’t quite available yet, but, in addition to that, there will be a plethora of free games, full game demos, DLC and all sorts of fancy stuff available to everyone (it’s PlayStation Plus related, but everyone gets a free 30 days). However, those who were PS+ subscribers previous to April 19th will be eligable for an extra cool set of goodies. In Europe previous PS+ subscribers will get access to things like the awesome Burnout Paradise for free, as well as a healthy discount off fan favorites like Beyond Good & Evil HD.

We’ll have to stay tuned to see if Sony offers their North American customers the same great titles, but it’s always good to know that the network is up and functioning at 100% right now, just in time for E3.

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