PlayStation Studios Has Released More Xbox Games Than Xbox Itself

May 12, 2022

Xbox fans have been disappointed after the Starfield delay, and it seems like PlayStation has released more games for Xbox than Xbox.

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In quite a surprising announcement today, Xbox announced that two of its most anticipated titles, Redfall and Starfield, are getting delayed until next year. This means, that Xbox fans have absolutely no exclusives coming out this year.

PlayStation Studios Has Released More Xbox Games Than Xbox Itself

One surprising aspect players have noticed is that PlayStation Studios has released more games for the Xbox than the Xbox itself. Yes, you read that right. If you look at the games released by Xbox this year, it stands at zero. On the other hand, when it comes to PlayStation Studios, MLB The Show 22 was released on the Xbox, for the second time in the history of the franchise.

Now we know that’s just one game, but it is still something that is quite notable and hilarious. However, it should be noted that MLB The Show 22 releasing for Xbox was not Sony’s decision at all. In a report on Inverse, it is stated that “As part of the goal for this year’s game, MLB decided to bring the franchise to more players and baseball fans. This decision provides a unique opportunity to further establish MLB The Show as the premier brand for baseball video games.”

Amidst this, fans have noted another funny coincidence. The number of Xbox exclusives released in the last nine months is actually equal to the number of PlayStation exclusives (obviously, timed ones) Xbox has released in the past months. Xbox has released Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo as timed exclusives on the PlayStation. In the same span of time, there are two games that Xbox has released as platform exclusives, which include Halo and Forza Horizon 5.

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