PlayStation UK CEO Comments on Excellent Sales of Bloodborne, Says Success “Did Surprise Us”

PlayStation UK CEO Comments on Excellent Sales of Bloodborne, Says Success “Did Surprise Us”

While 2015 is nearly halfway over already and many of the year’s biggest hits are on their way, one of 2015’s rising successes in the early part of the year was From Software’s Bloodborne, providing one of Sony’s early successes for the year and a stellar addition to the PS4 software lineup – in an interesting twist though, many in Sony’s employee base commented that the success and critical acclaim of Bloodborne came somewhat as a surprise.

Speaking in an interview with MCV, PlayStation UK CEO Fergal Gara commented on several aspects of Sony’s year so far for PlayStation, and in particular spoke on the success of Bloodborne and the relatively surprising acclaim it has reached, given the title’s lineage in the popular yet still somewhat niche Dark Souls series.

In the interview, Fergal provided more commentary on Bloodborne, detailing how Bloodborne seemed to land at the right time for gamers:

“It did surprise us. We had expectations to do well. We looked at the Souls series as a frame of reference, and we thought we could do better than that. We did – and then some. Relative to some of our sister territories, we were being quite ambitious, but even that proved to be conservative.

“I think Bloodborne might have just landed just at the right time; it was a relatively quiet time, it was a very high quality title and a great platform differentiator for us. We were caught a little bit behind in terms of the volume, but we were able to chase it and maximise its potential.”

Bloodborne is available exclusively for PS4 – you can read our own review of the title from News Editor Giuseppe Nelva for more details on From Software’s latest game.