Playstation Users in Chicago Will Have to Pay a “Cloud Tax” Soon

Playstation Users in Chicago Will Have to Pay a “Cloud Tax” Soon

Starting next week, PlayStation users in Chicago will start to have to pay a nine percent "Cloud Tax" which is similar to the city's Amusement Tax.

Chicago residents currently face an Amusement Tax whenever they try to attend concerts and other events or amusement parks. Currently, the city has been in a legal battle discussing the issue of a “Cloud Tax” that would slam a nine percent tax on streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify. The whole ordeal was excellently formulated together over at Forbes if you would like to read more about it. Services are still fighting the change, however, it looks like Sony has conceded and will start collecting taxes from Chicago residents starting on November 14th.

As noted by USGamer, the nine percent tax will be shown on PlayStation Store receipts, including PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now, PlayStation Vue, Playstation Music, PlayStation Video On Demand, and Playstations Video Live Events.

There are additional reports suggested stating that the local taxes will roll out to PlayStation in other areas including New York City. Local tax policies were enforced by Sony starting back in 2016.

To the surprise of probably almost no one, the tax is very unpopular to the Chicago community, and I do not blame them.

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