PlayStation Vita Live Stream Brings News

on February 18, 2013 3:50 AM

Update: Some of the trailers shown earlier have been released and can be viewed below.

Sony held a special PlayStation presser online for the PlayStation Vita that brought some news and showed off some games for Japanese gamers.

The first piece of good news is that the PlayStation is being dropped in price to 19,980 yen in Japan. No word yet if a price drop is being planned for the west but usually a price drop in one region is an indicator of one to come in each region. The Vita will also be getting access to Torne app that brings TV to the Vita and the Reader Store for Japan. There has been no confirmation about these apps making it westward.

Then several games were shown off for the PlayStation Vita that included Phantasy Star Online 2 and ToukidenPhantasy Star Online 2 got a new trailer showing off a cutscene with various characters and the game will be bundled together with an ice silver PS Vita. Toukiden from Tecmo Koei was also shown off and has players facing off against giant monsters in Monster Hunter style.

Several other games that were previously announced were also shown off that include Soul ScarificeValhalla Knights 3Legend of HeroesGod Eater 2, Dragon Crown, and Gundam Breaker. To finish off this presser an announcement letting gamers know that Final Fantasy X HD is still on the way for the PlayStation Vita.

JRPG fans definitely have a ton of games to look forward to as Dragon Crown, Soul Sacrifice, and Final Fantasy X HD have already been confirmed for the west. Fans of Monster Hunter type games will also be happy with the abundance of games in that style. No definite information has been released on western titles but hopefully there will be some new information coming in before Wednesday’s reveal to ensure the possible PS4 unveil is focused solely on that system.

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