PlayStation Vita Manual Details Trophies, Save Data, Battery Life

PlayStation Vita Manual Details Trophies, Save Data, Battery Life

Sony has published the English version of the PlayStation Vita’s user guide (for system software version 1.50) on the Internet, and it provides some interesting details on trophies, backup saves, and Remote Play.

For a retail hard copy of a game, trophies can only be earned on the Vita on which the game was first booted up. Playing the game on another system won’t allow Trophies, unless you sign up for or sign into the PlayStation Network on that system.  Trophies will be linked to your PSN account, and as we have learned already your PSN account is very much attached to your Vita. Therefore it’s safe to assume that your game data will also be bound to your personal system and PSN account.

Save data on memory cards can be backed up on a computer or PS3 along with applications and other game data. Information stored on a Vita game card cannot be backed up or moved. Save data for PlayStation Portable game data can be downloaded onto the Vita by first transferring the files to a PS3 or PC and then moving them to the Vita via the Content Manager application.

The Remote Play feature offers three different kinds of image quality when activated: +1, Standard, or -1. The Vita can also take screenshots; pressing the PS and Start buttons simultaneously will allow players to take photos that will then be stored in the Photos application. The manual mentions that some applications “or some parts of applications” are unavailable to take screenshots in.

Game software can be transferring from the PS3 to the Vita as long as the software is not installed on the PS3 system.  If the software is installed, redownloading before transferring will work, as will downloading the software directly from the Vita Download List.

The instruction manual posted online also includes a few estimations on the system’s battery life. If the screen brightness is set to default, Bluetooth is off, and headphones are being used with the system, the battery should last for the following durations: playing games, 3-5 hours; playing videos, 5 hours; listening to music, 9 hours (while the system is in standby mode during music playback).

From a completely dead battery, the Vita will take approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes to charge. Using the system while charging or charging during standby mode will increase its charging time.