PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 Soon to Receive Turn-Based RPG Antiquia Lost

PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 Soon to Receive Turn-Based RPG Antiquia Lost

KEMCO's classically-styled RPG, Antiquia Lost, about a young farmer and a girl who eats gems is coming to the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4.

About this time last year, we told you about KEMCO’s launch of its classically-styled RPG, Antiquia Lost, for Android devices. Today, KEMCO announced that Antiquia Lost will be coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita this Fall.

Antiquia Lost is a story about a young man who lives in a small, fantasy village that’s got some demon problems. When he is asked to accompany a girl from a nearby village to the royal capital, a journey to discover the plot behind a series of disappearances begins. Bine, the young man, and Lunaria, the girl, are not wholly unarmed, though! Their secret weapon is the ability that Lunaria holds.

Lunaria does not level like characters do in most RPGs. Instead, she increases in power by eating various gems. As a scavenger, she’ll scour for all sorts of gems, even those dropped by demons, making her an invaluable asset capable of even adopting the powers of some of the most formidable enemies.

Antiquia Lost features a turn-based battle system, but it also seems to include farm simulation features. Alongside his formation of bonds with other allies (that offer their own benefits), Bine will also plant seeds, harvest plants, and gain new items that will assist your team.

When Antiquia Lost launched on Google Play, it offered a premium and a free version. Below, you can find the game’s original launch trailer.