New PlayStation VR Title Dark Eclipse Releases Announcement Trailer

New PlayStation VR Title Dark Eclipse Releases Announcement Trailer

New VR MOBA game Dark Eclipse by Sunsoft has a new announcement trailer featuring tidbits of gameplay and is set to release sometime this year.

Have you ever heard of a VR MOBA title? No? I haven’t either, but that all changes with the announcement trailer of new Sunsoft PlayStation VR title Dark Eclipse, which is tentatively set to release sometime this year.

Aside from having a somewhat redundant name, Dark Eclipse features some gorgeous 2D artwork as its launch trailer begins, and its PlayStation profile features a number of stylish characters that will serve as “Leaders” to player armies. We see the player looming above the battlefield as a set of giant hands, moving characters around the battlefield and shuffling encounters in the hopes of a favorable result. We also get the mention that Dark Eclipse will be the first VR MOBA title.

The gameplay of Dark Eclipse so far appears to be somewhat traditional, standard fare for an RTS MOBA, with players pitted against each other in a battleground “without the boundary of a 2D screen”. They will build towers, collect resources and control their three Leaders as they attempt to destroy the holdings of enemy players. Leaders range from an innocuous-looking pair of young human warriors to what is essentially Satan the Hedgehog, so character design looks pretty neat if it actually comes across visibly on the playing field.

Dark Eclipse is set to release on PlayStation VR sometime this year. Look forward to more news about this strange genre combination as we approach launch.