PlayStation VR Exclusive How We Soar Out Today; New Trailer Released

PlayStation VR Exclusive How We Soar Out Today; New Trailer Released

PlayStation VR exclusive from developer Penny Black Studios, How We Soar, is out today exclusively on PlayStation VR. And to celebrate, the developer has accompanied the launch with a — you guessed it — brand new launch trailer.

The new trailer, which is a little over two minutes, show’s off the game’s beautiful, serene design, as well as showcases a bit of the gameplay on offer.

Never heard of How We Soar? No problem, here’s an overview from PBS itself:

How We Soar is a VR flight experience that gives you the chance to take up the reins of a beautiful, giant Phoenix and explore an enchanting papercraft world.  Seated on the back of this mythical creature, you must reform your surrounding and paint in colour as you soar across this paper environment, uncovering the story of the mysterious Author as you fly.

Fly on the back of a Phoenix

With your DualShock 4 controller becoming the reins in front of you in the game world, you must guide your Phoenix’s every swoop, glide and dive, all while taking in this beautifully abstract world

Uncover a hidden story

The world that the player explores has been created in mind and memoires of ‘The Author’.  Travelling back and forth between the worlds of reality and fantasy, the player must uncover the story contained within each level and piece together the tale of The Author’s life

Transform the environment around you

Via the simply act of flight and skimming close to the environment, you interact with the world, reforming twisted shapes into recognizable environments, uncover secrets, as well as restoring colour to the world – painting by flight!

Explore a unique paper craft world

Everything from the environment to characters to the Phoenix itself is fashioned with a unique papercraft art-style, giving the game a very distinct, tactile appeal.
How We Soar costs $19.99 USD. Below, you can check out the new trailer