Cute PlayStation VR Exclusive Star Fragment Story Announced; Gets First Screenshots

Cute PlayStation VR Exclusive Star Fragment Story Announced; Gets First Screenshots

Today Media Scape and Forge Vision announced  Hoshi no Kakera no Monogatari: Hito Kakea Ban, which translates to “Star Fragment Story: One Fragment Edition.” The game will be released exclusively for PlayStation VR in Japan in spring 2017.

It comes with an interesting concept, based on the communication with a girl through line of sight and eye contact. The genre is defined “communication mystery-solving adventure.” It will be showcased on November 13th at the Dejige Haku 2016 event at the Akihabara UDX in Tokyo.

The premise is quite interesting. A girl is trapped on the fragment of a star, and is unable to escape or to communicate with the rest of the world. Yet, in the singular point where the axis of the world overlaps, it’s possible to interfere with another world. The player is standing in this singularity, and him and the girl become aware with each other thanks to a device (which is the VR headset). Together they must solve a mystery, gain the power to escape.

The player cannot directly communicate with the girl or touch anything on the star fragment (including the girl herself). He has to look at objects, marking them with a red outline. Then he can make eye contact with the girl, directing her to interact with the object or perform actions like pressing a switch and more, depending on the object selected. By repeating this process, it’s possible to solve the mystery.

The concept on the game is based on using story-related reasons to motivate actions that normally wouldn’t be possible to perform or would be awkward in VR, mitigating the sense of discomfort created by those limitations. Since it’s difficult to properly simulate the sensation of walking around in VR, the protagonist is not being able to do so to begin with eliminates the problem. This also reduces the possibility of motion sickness.

The game also utilizes the difference in distance between the heroine, objects and the stars in the background as a mechanic to create its puzzles.

Below you can check out the first screenshots, artwork, and some sketches explaining the gameplay concepts.