PlayStation VR Sales Estimates Updated by Research Firm; Hit With Substantial Downgrade

PlayStation VR Sales Estimates Updated by Research Firm; Hit With Substantial Downgrade

As you may remember, earlier this year, research group SuperData issued a report that claimed PlayStation VR would sell 2.6 million units sold by the end of 2016. Well, the firm no longer believes that.  SuperData has since updated this figure: the company now expects PlayStation VR sales to be less than 750,000 for the year, a substantial downgrade. Further according to Games Industry, the firm is predicting that the VR market will be the “biggest loser” of holiday 2016, in regards to gaming.

SuperData has also adjusted its estimates for Google’s Daydream to 261,000 (they were 450,000). However, its estimates for Gear VR (2.3 million), HTC Vive (450,000), and Oculus Rift (355,000) have not changed. If SuperData’s numbers are right — even roughly — than PlayStation VR will still be a success (Gear  VR is its own thing) when compared to other gaming VR headsets that released this year.

SuperData’s Stephanie Llamas told Games Industry that the new figures have been updated (and been downgraded) due to “lack of marketing,” “supply inconsistencies,” and fewer units being sold than expected due to a “relatively fragmented title line-up.”

Llamas added:

“PSVR had the best opportunity to benefit from the holidays but their supply inconsistencies and lack of marketing have put them behind their potential. They did not offer any first-party deals this weekend, restock bundles or market the device, pushing instead for the PS 4 Pro. They have also pointed out that VR looks even better on a Pro than a standard or slim PS 4, so the message to most gamers is: Get the Pro now, then the PSVR later. As a result, we won’t see them break 1M shipments until well into the new year.”

Llamas then added the following about Sony’s potential attempt to limit PSVR supply until it can do a better job at supporting the platform:

“Had Sony pushed the PSVR the way they’ve been pushing their other new hardware, the demand would have certainly fulfilled a supply of over 2 million. However, given its quiet release it’s clear they’re being cautious before fully investing in the tech. Without the ‘killer app’ and the slow, steady release of AAA content, they will release less than 1 million devices until they have content they feel confident will bring in the praise they want. They can afford to take it slow since they have no competition for now, so their supply and sales will rise steadily into 2017 as opposed to riding the seasonal wave.”

PlayStation VR released this past October for $399 USD. Sony has yet to reveal how the new piece of hardware has sold.