PlayStation VR Title Squishies Releasing November 20

PlayStation VR Title Squishies Releasing November 20

Squishies will be rolling onto PlayStation VR on November 20, 2018, introducing a childlike wonder and fun to the VR platform.

Developer Brainseed Factory wants you to slow down and enjoy the imagination of childhood in new PlayStation VR title Squishies which will release on November 20, 2018.

Squishies is a game about ineracting with small little toys in their own worlds just like many of us did as kids with our favorite action figures. Each Squishie needs help finding their way back home and the player helps them by pushing and pulling using the PlayStation Move controllers, or transdimensional Alien Fish friends.

A level editor, the same toolset used by the developers, will be available to all players who want to try their hand at crafting their own imaginary worlds. These levels can be shared with others online to play.

The overall mood of Squishies is somewhat a response to Typoman from 2015, their previous game which had a very morbid atmosphere.

Do you remember how your favorite toy made you feel as a child? Those little bursts of enthusiasm and happiness when you imagined it to be alive? I always saw my toys as my friends each with their own character. I created whole worlds that were rooted in my imagination. While I played, I slowly shifted into other galaxies full of adventure. Time didn’t matter. With Squishies we wanted to evoke this feeling again. We wanted you to be closer to your inner child and slooooow doooown while experiencing another world.

Squishies will release on November 20, 2018 on PlayStation VR and you can catch the trailer for it below as well as a small image gallery of the colorful worlds in the game.